New Members Always Welcome

PSLC Badminton Club welcomes new members throughout the season. You are welcome to turn up on any club night (Mondays and Wednesdays from 8pm) and see if the club suits you.

The senior club starts back Monday, 19th August 2019.

Your first session with us is free!

How to Join

Membership forms are now entirely online. This helps the club to comply with GDPR and ensure your information is secure and accessible. Once your form has been completed, please pay via bank transfer as this makes it easier for the club to reconcile accounts and saves us handling cash. The bank details are at the end of the membership form. If you have any queries you can email the Club Treasurer or Club Secretary.


Senior Club

Adult Full €250, Adult Social €220, Student Full €170, Student Social €150.

Full Membership is for those playing competitively on teams in Leagues and Cups. Social membership is for play on club nights.

PSLC Members get a €50 discount on the above prices. You will need to provide your PSLC Number.


Junior Club

The new term starts on Wednesday, September 11th, 2019 at 7pm and runs in line with the school term until Christmas (excluding the Halloween break).

Coaching Fees for this term are €80. This includes registration with Badminton Ireland.

PSLC Members get a €15 discount on the above price. You will need to provide your PSLC Number.

We encourage juniors to come down as soon as they can as places are limited and do go quickly.


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